About Me

I am a cameraman who loves a challenge.  I am a problem solver at heart and apply a technical approach to many of my filming projects.  The artist in me loves bringing stories to life while the engineer in me is constantly looking for new ways to use the ever-changing technology available to today’s cameraman.



Specialist Equipment

I have worked on some ground-breaking, innovative projects in recent years. I have designed and built a variety of specialist camera systems from simple GoPro controllers to full blown ROV's and underwater camera arrays. I am also the designer of the 'Cambush' DSLR camera trap system.


As a cinematographer who has worked on documentaries for over a decade I am experienced in both long lens and sync filming.   I am also a remote camera specialist and hothead and Cineflex rigger and operator. I have worked with specialist camera teams on the last 5 Olympic Games, as team leader in both London and Rio.


Natural History
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