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Specialist Equipment

With many years' experience of working with some of the most technically demanding equipment in the industry, including working as a technician on the last 5 Olympic Games, it was a natural progression to move into designing and developing new and innovative equipment myself.

Many of the projects I do are bespoke and all are borne of a need for something that does not already exist.  One of the first design and build projects I undertook was a DSLR camera trap system which has continued to be developed and improved over the last 5 years.  The 'Cambush' system, as it is now called,  has its own wireless triggers and the latest model is designed to work with Sony's A7s MkII cameras. A new batch of these has just been delivered to Silverback Films for their Living Planet production.

The latest model of Cambush for the Sony A7sII.  Two complete systems pack neatly into a single Peli Storm iM2875 for traveling.

The A7s 3i is another recent development designed to get the most out of the A7s camera's low light sensitivity.  This is a triple synchronised intervalometer capable of simultaneously firing 3 cameras.  Combined with a special mount it allows the cameras to capture a vast area at amazingly high resolution.  The unit is neatly housed in a small Peli case and also provides regulated power to all 3 cameras from a single 12V source.   When designing systems such as these great care has to be paid to the practical functionality and ruggedness. My experience in the field means I design from the user's perspective.

The guts of the A7s 3i

All design work is carried out using the latest techniques and software and working with a growing network of engineering and fabrication subcontractors mean projects can be built to the highest standards.  I do most of the engineering design myself as well as PCB design and coding, meaning I have a full understanding of how things work.  This is invaluable when it comes to modifying or indeed troubleshooting when it is required.

Special underwater housingsfor GoPro Hero 4.

Filming under the fast ice...

The ROV. Originally built to film diving grizzly bears in Alaska and then modified to work under the ice in the Arctic for 'The Hunt'.

3 underwater housings designed to take a highly modified GoPro for remote subsea filming.

If you have a project coming up which needs some special equipment or a new bespoke bit of kit then please do get in touch,  I'm always happy to chat through ideas or offer advice, and will of course be only too happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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