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False Bay, South Africa

This was a very chalenging but exciting shoot to try and capture the behaviour of great white sharks from the seals point of view.  In the middle of False Bay to the East of Cape Town lies Seal Island, a fairly small rocky mound which is home to several thousand Cape Fur Seals.  Natuarlly they have to leave the safety of the rock to feed but in order to do that they must run the gaunnlet to the south of the island and reach open water.  Their strategy, safety in numbers and alway keep the shark in sight!  By staying behind the shark the seals are able to out manauver it and eventually make a break for it.  Unfortunately for the seal, it doesn's always go to plan.


Working with Locaal cameraman and specialist, Charles Maxwell and his TowCam my task was to shoot topside on Varicam and underwater with a polecam.

Unfortunately as is so often the case, conditions were not in our favour and poor underwater visibility hampered the shoot. 

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