The Hunt
We were lucky enough to have a few close encounters whilst filming in the Arctic for the series 'The Hunt'. This was a very healthy looking male who came to investigate us.
The Hunt
The inquisitive bear gets ever closer. Later during the expedition I was able to film another bear performing an amazing act of daring, climbing 300m up on a rock face to feed on Guillemot eggs and chicks. An amazing example of how these animals have to adapt to an ever changing environment.
False Bay
Filming for the series 'Life' in 2008 in False Bay, South Africa. Photo by Charles Maxwell.
This incredible ice cliff stretches for some 30 miles with spectacular waterfalls cascading off the top at regular intervals.
The scenery around Svalbard is quite breathtaking but it's frightening to realise how fast these glaciers are retreating.
Svalbard F55
My view of the cliffs where the bears dare to climb. The Hunt was one of the first productions to use the F55 in anger.
Kodiak Bear 1
Don't be fooled by the cute face! We got to know this cub quite well during the month we spent filming on Lake Karluk.
These Honduran Iguanas look so prehistoric.
Harris hawks-1
A Harris hawk hunting in the Sonoran Desert. Look closely and you can see the cactus spines stuck in his face!
Harris hawks-3
An amazing hunter.
Mexican Iguana basking in the midday sun.
Cine Truck
Now that's what I call a tracking vehicle!
Jaguar Cubs
A screen grab from footage shot with my Cambush DSLR camera trap system, courtesy of Wild Horizons.
Nice perch
A Harris Hawk takes a rest while filming in the Sonoran desert
Frigate Birds and Sailfish
Frigate birds will often give away the position of a bait ball, and if you're lucky, sailfish.
Shooting a sequence about a cute little creature called a Kinkajou for 'North America'. This involved spending long nights high up on a purpose built tower in the Panamanian rainforest.
Flying fish
Trying to capture high speed images of flying fish for the series 'Life'. Trickier than you might think...
South Georgia
In 2008 I was lucky enough to spend 7 weeks on a Norwegian Fisheries ship in the Southern Ocean, which included a stopover in South Georgia. Photo by Roger Munns.
The Hunt
Up close and personal with a huge walrus in the Arctic.
Sonoran Desert
The Cineflex V14 mounted to the front of a Longranger. We perched here, high on an outcrop in the Sonoran Desert whilst waiting for the best light.
The F55
I'm not usually one for selfies, probably a good thing judging by this.....
G4 Challenge
I just don't see the point...
Jungle light
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Svalbard F55

My view of the cliffs where the bears dare to climb. The Hunt was one of the first productions to use the F55 in anger.