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When I was asked if I wanted to spend Christmas 90 ft up a scffold tower in a Panamanian rainforest, naturally I said yes.  The subject was the Kinkajou and the aim was to film its nocyurnal feeding habits, specifically its insatiable desire for Balsa flower nectar.

The hard work of finding the right tree and building a working platform next to it had alredy been done for us.  The reason we neede a tower was that the tree in question was some 100ft high and we not only wanted to film in the canopy, but light it too.  This may seem unusual as most night time behaviour has to be shot with IR but it turns out the kinkajou doesnt mind the lights and will happilly go about its behaviour regardless.  This meant we could shoot a night time sequence, in colour for once.

The problem we had however was that the balsa flowers were late in opening, and the lack of flowers meant no kinkajou.  As is so often the case all we could do was wait.  Eventually our patience was rewarded and a pair of Kinkajou finally showed up and allowed us to film them.  

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