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The New 'Cambush' Trigger is here

After several months of development and testing the new MkII 'Cambush' Tigger is here. This latest version of the active infra red, beam break trigger boasts a range of new features and improvements. Gone are the rubber toggle switch and mode button, to be replaced with a fully IP67 rated membrane keypad. The receiver now has an external 1.3" OLED display allowing full access to all settings through a simple and intuitive menu system. No need to open up the case in the field any more apart from to change batteries. The OLED screen is easily woken with a button press and displays trigger counts, sensitivity and battery status. Inside a fully redesigned circuit board and new battery enclosure with an easy to open, clip in lid to retain batteries whilst in transit. Battery life is also improved and a set of alkaline AA's can now last as much as 120 days or up to 150 days if using lithiums. These triggers link to the trap wirelessly and provide the most reliable and tuneable form of triggering for serious camera trap work. Currently they are available to work with our own 'Cambush' camera trap system but we are happy to discuss tailoring them to work with your existing traps. We have already produced a batch of modified units to work with the T-Shed traps.

This is the only radio linked, beam break trigger currently available anywhere in the world (as far as we know). Please give us a call to discuss your needs.

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