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A slight drop in temperature!

The thought of spending the whole of January in Melbourne, Australia might sound very appealing to most people and I have to confess I have been lucky enough to do just that for the last three years whilst working on the Open Tennis. However when the temperature reaches 42 degrees celsius it changes from being pleasant to down right unbearable. This year was my fourth time looking after the 30 plus remote cameras used for all the outside courts on the event. This method of providing coverage continues to grow and develop with new technology playing a key role. So what do you do if the heat is too much? Jump on a plane and head straight to South Korea where the temperature is a chilly -15 to -20 degrees C. Lets just say packing for these two trips was a challenge. This is my 6th Olympics and my third winter games, this time I am working with a small team of experts at the Sliding Centre. This is where the bobsleigh, luge and skeleton events take place and our role involves rigging and looking after some 25 cameras down the length of the course. Unfortunately OBS regulations prevent me from posting any pictures of the venue at this stage, so you'll just have to take my word for it when I say its pretty impressive!

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