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Waiting for the best light.

Waiting for the best light...

Sonoran Desert

In 2012 whilst filming for the series 'North America' for Discovery I worked on a sequence about Harris Hawks in the Sonoran desert.  These amazing birds hunt for rabits in amongst the seguaro cactus, but whats amazing that they work as a team, one bird flushing out the prey and the other going in for the kill. 

I was brought in to shoot tracking shots of the birds as they flew at speed through the catus forrest.  We did this with the aide of a Cineflex mounted on a crane arm on top of a small pickup truck.  With Oli Scholey maning the crane, myself operating the Cineflex and Emily winks driving the coordination and timing was critical. 

I later went back to shoot aeirials of the desert and Seguaro forests, again with the Cineflex V14 this time mounted to a Bell Longranger, with assistant producer Alicia Decina. 

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